March 19, 2012

Joshua's Home.

We picked up Joshua on Saturday morning and have had a blast avoiding our phones, laptops and pretty much everything but our four and no more for the last couple days. I don't really have anything wise or introspective looking back at the last 13 months. This deployment was hard. It sucked. There were some good things that came from it too but mostly I'm just glad it's over. My husband is home and safe. There are 14 families that won't have the joy of homecoming that we were blessed to have. 

* Second Lt. Jered W. Ewy, 33, of Edmond, on June 29
* Spc. Augustus J. Vicari, 22, of Broken Arrow, on July 29
* Staff Sgt. Kirk Avery Owen, 37, of Sapulpa, on Aug. 2
* Sgt. Anthony Del Mar Peterson, 24, of Chelsea, on Aug. 4
* Second Lt. Joe L. Cunningham, 27, of Kingston, on Aug. 13
* Lt. Damon Leehan, 30, of Moore, on Aug. 14
* Spc. Joshua Michael Seals, 21, of Porter, on Aug. 16
* Pfc. Tony J. Potter Jr., 20, of Okmulgee, on Sept. 9
* Spc. Christopher D. Horton, 26, of Collinsville, on Sept. 9
* Sgt. Bret D. Isenhower, 26, of Lamar, on Sept. 9
* Sgt. Mycal L. Prince, 28, of Minco, on Sept. 15
* Spc. Francisco J. Briseno-Alvarez Jr., 27, of Oklahoma City, on Sept. 25
* Pfc. Sarina Butcher, 19, of Checotah, on Nov. 1
* Spc. Chris Gailey, 26, of Ochelata, on Nov. 1 

We will never forget their sacrifice.

Waiting for the buses...

The buses were an hour was rough

Ok...he's more choking than hugging here

So excited!

He's back.

We were ready to get out of there!


Jennifer said...

Glad he's home and your family is all together again!!!!!!

JG said...

SO SO SO SO SO happy!! :) :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, Brianna.... so, so happy for ALL of you!!!

I felt lead to look at your blog just now, now I know why.