November 28, 2011

Disney World's Pirate's League

Disney World is full of tons of "extras" you can do on top of all the great rides, shows and of course the yummy food. Two of our favorites are The Pirate's League and The Bibbidy Bobbidy Boutique. This week we're going to cover The Pirate's week, we'll tackle every princess's dream, The Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique.


WHERE: The Pirate's League is located inside the Magic Kingdom, nestled between the Pirate's of the Caribbean ride and the attraction's gift shop. When you enter the park go straight back toward the castle and take you're first left into's on the left, just past the Jungle Cruise attraction.

WHO: Kids (and adults) 3 yrs and up

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Mermaid: shiny makeup, hairstyle with color changing hair clip and matching necklace, nail polish, mermaid sash

Jake and the Neverland Pirates: Jake bandanna with fake hair, facepaint-eyebrows and side burns, sword with sheath and a Pirate's League coin purse and neclace

Pirate: one of five face paint options, pirate bandanna, temporary tattoo (we found it lasted quiet a while compared to most temporary tattoos but is still easily removable with an alcohol swab) medallion, eye patch, pirate teeth, sword and sheath. 

Pirate Empress: eye patch, sword and sheath, shiny make-up instead of the more masculine pirate face paint, a face jewel instead of a pretend scar, nail polish and instead of leaving with the gnarly pirate teeth, she will leave with lip gloss and nail polish.

WHAT HAPPENS: The pirates in your party will start out with a roll of the dice using a giant ship's wheel to determine their new pirate name. From there, they will go to the Muster Stations (aka make-over room) and wait for their new pirate name to be called (don't worry, if you're little pirate forgets his or her new name and doesn't respond to the first call, they will also call him or her by their land-loving name). This is when you can change your pirate into his or her pirate clothes if you didn't arrive with them already on. Pirate costumes are available for purchase when you select the facial package but you are free to bring them from home instead. The pirate trainers (aka make-over technicians) will speak only as a pirate and will transform you into the perfect pirate and then give you the Pirate Oath and watch as you pledge your allegiance to Capt Jack. From there you are given a sword and sheath and ushered into an ultra secret Booty Room...what happens in there is a mystery (for me in part because I had stepped outside to sit on a bench and nurse while Joshua went on with the boy)'s rumored that it's a great room where pirates have their photo taken and are permitted to get some booty (the medallion). As your pirate leaves, they will receive a packet containing a very official looking document with their new pirate name and the Pirate's Oath. 


Pirate/Pirate Empress options starts at $34.95+tax. Additional items like a second dagger, hook or the like can be added on. 

Mermaid makeover is $39.95+tax.

Jake makeover is $29.95+tax.

Costumes can also be added on and average $65-although many visitors opt to bring their own costume from home.

Additionally, inside the secret treasure room, family is not permitted to take pictures but there is a PhotoPass photographer so you may purchase those pics or add them to your PhotoPass+ CD.

HOW TO BOOK: Call 407-WDW-CREW 180 days in advance and make a reservation. There are times of the year when you might be able to do a walk in appointment but it's rare. If you're already at Disney World and have decided it's something you MUST do but don't have a reservation, go straight to the Pirate's League check-in podium as soon as they open (9am) and IF they've had a cancellation for later in the day and IF they don't already have a wait list, you MIGHT be able to get in...but really just call and book it in advance. Pre-payment is not required but they will take a credit card to confirm your reservation and a $10 fee will be taken if you don't show up and don't cancel at least 24 hours in advance.