August 23, 2012

Disney World Packing List

The thing about Disney World is you could show up with almost nothing but your wallet and be fine but you'll pay an arm and a leg so be sure to double check your packing list.

General Packing List

  • Clothing. We find it easier to pack full outfits for each day rather than X number of shorts, X number of shirts because then it's easy in the mornings to just grab one day's worth of clothing for each person.
  • Cell phones to keep in touch when you separate from part of your group and need to reconnect (walkie talkies would give you the same ability but would allow you to ditch the real world and leave the cell phone at the resort)
  • Cameras and camcorders.
  • Batteries and chargers.
  • Extra memory cards for you digital camera and camcorders-you WILL take more pictures than you expect
  • Extra contact lenses and glasses.
  • Addresses. For all those post cards (or coconut post cards) you want to mail to friends and family.
  • Email addresses to send e-postcards from space (or at least Spaceship Earth in Epcot)
  • Beach towels. You can get plain white towels at all the resorts and Disney's two water parks but bring your own to better identify your chairs or spot on the beach.
  • Extra suitcase/duffle bag...particularly if you're flying to hold all the fun souvenirs.
  • A backpack to use in the parks
  • Comfortable, walking'll average 10-15 miles a day of walking and after even a short trip of 3 or 4 days, the miles add up
  • Moleskin
  • Needle and thread
  • Safety pins (zippers break at the worst possible moments)
  • Stain stick
  • Sunglasses
  • Hats
  • Reservation and dining confirmation #s...we like to store them in our phones
  • Laptop (we bring ours to use as a DVD player in the resort and to download pics and videos each night from the parks so that worst case scenario if the cameras are lost or broken, we won't loose all the pics and videos)
  • Anti-bacterial gel...we love the little bottles that come with the clip to hook it onto the backpack or stroller
  • Ponchos/rain will rain...check out our Rainy Day Ideas page for ideas on what to do at Disney when it rains.
  • Water shoes. The pavement by the pools can get hot and if you make it to the water parks it's just easier to have water shoes instead of having to keep track of sandals
  • Water battle & drink powder...cast members are happy to fill them up for you for free or just find a water fountain and fill it up yourself...the downside is that the tap water at Disney is's just gross so be sure to bring some of those handy dandy drink powder packets with you

What to pack for the KIDS

  • BIG SHARPIE with a fine tip. The characters can more easily sign those ever popular autograph books if you give them a big sharpie.
  • Costumes. Whether or not your little ones are scheduled to visit the Pirate's League or the Bibbidy Bobbidy Boutique, they'll love dressing up to meet their favorite characters.
  • Sun protection. Remember to keep re-applying.
  • Chapstick
  • Bug Spray. The parks aren't usually too bad but if you're hanging out at a resort...particularly Ft Wilderness for the Hoop Dee Doo Musical RevueMickey's Backyard BBQ or the Polynesian for the Spirit of Aloha Luau
  • Ear plugs...if you think your little ones might be frightened by the sound of the fireworks shows.
  • Disposable the kids the chance to take their own pictures but if they're dropped or lost, it's not a huge loss.
  • Glow sticks. Every night Disney does an amazing job with their fireworks displays but they also sell a TON of nighttime/glowing toys. You can buy and bring your own to save money and kids will have just as much fun for a fraction of the price.
  • Trading Pins. If you've never heard of them before check out our Pin Trading page.
  • Stuffed Disney Characters. If you have the room in your luggage and you're staying at a Disney resort, bringing your own characters can bring some extra magic to your trip. The Mousekeepers (Disney's name for their housekeeping staff) often set them up in cute little scenes for you to come back to.
  • Snacks. We like the little peanut butter cracker sandwiches because they do well in heat and are individually wrapped.
  • Que games. That's what we call the little things we like to bring to entertain ourselves and our kiddos in line...we usually take a snack size ziploc and throw in our Disney Trivia Pursuit cards.

Packing for the smallest of Disney Visitors

  • Water Diapers. Disney requires them for all pools...resort and water parks.
  • Stroller. We always recommend bringing your own for the little ones because Disney's rentals have ZERO padding and no ability to recline but check out our infant tips for other stroller rental options.
  • Stoller fan. Disney sells them but if you need to save some money, bring your own. We own the Disney version and although it works great to keep the little ones cool, it eats batteries!
  • Stroller Rain Cover. It will rain. I repeat, it will rain. Disney does NOT rent or sell stroller covers. I've had people walk up to us and offer to buy ours from us there on the spot.
  • Ribbon...or another identifier if you have a common stroller.
  • Stroller lock. Some people insist they're unnecessary but if you have an expensive stroller, it might give some peace of can't lock the stroller to a fixed object but you can lock the wheels so it has to be picked up to be moved.
  • Mylicon. It is the ONLY thing we have found Disney doesn't carry in their Baby Care Centers so if your baby uses it, bring it!
  • Extra clothes. Lots of them!-diaper explosions and food spills happen all too often.
  • Disposable bibs. Much easier than carrying around dirty cloth bibs.
  • Safety Tats. They're temporary tattoos which read things like "If I'm Lost please call ***-****"
  • Thermos. To keep milk or formula in so you don't have to stop as frequently to get the little one something to drink.
  • Nursing cover...if you choose to use one. I have and it was a piece of cake.
  • Extra bottles or sippy cups.
  • Extra diapers and wipes.

If you forget something and are unable to find it at your resort gift shop (also be sure to ask one of the resort managers because they may be able to find it for you or know where you can find it on Disney property), there is a large Walmart in the area and if you absolutely need, you can take a taxi for about $20 each way. 

Lastly, if you'd rather spend your time in the parks or don't want to pay for a taxi, you have another option called WeGoShop. They do your shopping for you and deliver it right to your resort. There is a shopping and delivery fee based on how much you spend on groceries but the grocery prices themselves remain the same as the store price.

Of course there are other things you can add to this list and things on this list you don't absolutely need but it's what we do and we've never had a problem.


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