March 12, 2012

Up and Down

Without going into details that may cross that ever important OPSEC line, the last few days have been an emotional roller coaster. We've been given dates and locations...had those dates and locations changed...and changed...and changed. STUPID BROKEN PLANES. Most of it was expected...but no less stressful. I finally gave up yesterday, went to the store and bought a 6-pack and cookie dough which I plan to eat in it's entirety without baking (no judgments please). Between that and the retail therapy...I had to buy some new unmentionables...I'm surviving the pre-homecoming jitters. Speaking of buying those fun little clothes, after I dropped off the boy for a playdate, I discovered I should have found someone to watch the girl also because every time I tried something on, she thought it was time to nurse which of course slowed the whole process down dramatically.

Anyway, I don't have this week's Disney post ready and I just don't have the time or mental clarity to work on it so I'm skipping this week. Sorry. I promise that I'll have the first half of the Disney Deluxe Resorts done and ready for you next week...we're going to cover the monorail resorts first because those are often the ones people think of when they think of Disney Resorts.

Here's hoping that I'll have pics to post soon of our family together again.


JG said...

Deep breaths. You're in the final stretch. Do whatever you've gotta do to get through it. I can't wait to see reunion pics!!