October 2, 2013

Why We Love Disney

We love Disney. It's pretty obvious to anyone who knows us for any amount of time that it's our favorite vacation destination. Most of our friends accept it, many even share our Disney obsession joy but still from time to time we're asked why we go to Disney World...or rather why do we go repeatedly. Our answer is always a little lost on those who have never been or those who have only gone in the middle of summer with little to no planning. The answer is simple...it's the atmosphere. We love the Disney bubble. 

I could go into the nerdy details about the park's architectural engineering and how Disney has made it almost impossible to see the outside world while in their bubble but it's more than geographic. Where else in the world can kids dress up every day as pirates and princesses? Where else do grown men wear R2D2 ears with pride?

But it's even more than that. It's the culture. It's the customer service. And it goes beyond the parks. While at Disney World last week with his grandparents, our son lost his Woody doll (from Toy Story). It was a BIG deal. It's been his favorite toy for quite some time and when they realized it was gone, after landing at the airport near Grandma's house, he teared up. He's not the kind of kid to cry easily or be attached to his stuff. In fact, we usually have to convince him NOT to give away his things but Woody is different and when Grandma tried to comfort him by suggesting they go straight to the Disney Store, his heart and the dam holding back his tears broke. He didn't want a new Woody. He wanted HIS Woody. So Grandma called her local Disney Store and told them what had happened. The cast member (Disney's word for employee) told her not to worry, he would call Mickey and they would have the Disney Resort housekeepers (called Mousekeepers) find Woody and send him to their store immediately. When they got to the store, not only was there a Woody waiting behind the counter for our son (tags off) but he was wrapped up in a box with tape and "RUSH DELIVERY/PRIORITY MAIL" written all over it. Inside a note from Mickey himself that told our son Woody had been accidentally caught up in the sheets and had been cleaned professionally. 

That is why we love Disney. They go above and beyond and magical things happen.