June 7, 2011

Dear Army, Don't Screw This Up!

I just got a call from Joshua...he had to submit two alternate R&R dates. As it stands now, we have an awesome vacation planned for the current dates which includes Sea World, Universal Studios and Disney World. None of us have been to Sea World. I'm the only one who's been to Universal Studios but it's been about 20 years and I'm super excited about the Wizarding World. As for Disney...it's just what we do...not necessarily every year but lately that's how it's worked out.

When we first thought about what to do for R&R it was a bit overwhelming. There were so many options...go abroad...stay home and cuddle for two weeks...go to Disney...bring Joshua home for baby girl's birth but in the end we went with the annual trip to Disney because...

going abroad would mean going somewhere totally new with two small children and having to deal with passports/visas and the inevitable last minute change in plans thanks to the Army

staying home was never an option...we knew this would be when Joshua would meet our daughter and staying home would be too difficult for all of us...especially the boy. I can't imagine the heartbreak of having Daddy actually at home for two weeks and then having to say goodbye again...when Joshua comes home, it's going to be for good

if Joshua came home for our daughter's birth, it would mean that we wouldn't see him again afterwards for at least 8 months...we would spend a great deal of "our" time together in the hospital...the boy would have to deal with having Daddy home, a new sister and then Daddy gone again all in a very short time frame so as much as I'm going to miss my husband and he's going to hate missing our daughter's birth, in the end, it's not what's best for us or our kids

which left us with Disney. We know Disney...we know how to make it work even if the Army throws a wrench in the plans. Plus, with Disney, we can be sure that the boy will have a good time because it won't all be about Joshua meeting baby girl...it'll be more like, "hey look it's Mickey Mouse...go say hi to Mickey little buddy...by the way Joshua, here's your daughter" ...ok, maybe not that cavalier but you get the idea.

For the record, of course I purchase travel insurance and we're a fairly flexible family...so why the title to this post?

Because anyone who's done the Disney World thing as often and as long as we have knows that all the best dining experiences...restaurants and shows start booking up 6 months out. To be exact, 180 days before your reservation date at 7am est. We have a ton of great restaurants and shows booked for the current R&R dates. We have family coming at the same time so from time to time Joshua and I will have the option to be kid free...at least for a couple hours (I'll be nursing). It would just be really great (and shocking) if the Army didn't make us scramble at the last moment for new restaurant and show reservations.

(a couple of my favorite pics from our 2010 trip)


Amy said...

You totally made a great decision about not having him home for the birth. It's a hard one, but we understand. My hubby did get to come home for the birth of our daughter (he was home for good four weeks later)... but it was so much to deal with- having our two year old meet Daddy, then baby, and it was overwhelming. Plus, saying good-bye while only days past post-partem was torture.

Disney sounds super fun! You and your family deserve a fabulous trip!