February 27, 2011


This sucks. Already. It's here and I'm alone so I thought rather than eat or shop my way through today (mostly because I'd just throw up later...thank you yet again morning sickness), I'd try to answer or address many of the questions/comments that have been made thus far because although many of our friends and family are familiar with Army life in general they don't know the details and certainly not the Army Guard details of a deployment.

How long will Joshua be gone?
We aren't permitted to give exact dates...not that we even have any at this point but we don't expect him to be home in 2011.

Where is he?
That is a very good question. I don't know. Well, I'm not totally sure. Once he gets to where he'll be training (Army Guard guys leave their families for as much as a few months early to train for the deployment but since we "maybe" will get a 4 day leave to see each other during the training, and little other connection, it's not much different than if he were "in theater" now...Army jargon for the area of combat). As for Joshua's pre-combat training, it will be more than one location and I don't know where exactly he'll be each day and wouldn't be able to post it if I did.

Where will he be for the "deployment?"
Another good question. I don't know. I know the country but that's about it. You can probably guess the country. Even if I knew more, I wouldn't post it. This may become a theme, just fyi. 

Will he be home for the baby's birth?
In a nutshell, no. Some military families are able to work their R&R schedule out and make it home for the delivery. We don't expect Joshua to be able to for several reasons that aren't very important. It's something we've known for a while and we've accepted. We're hoping he'll be able to be with us via Skype but that will depend on how the delivery goes and the hospitals regulations.

Will he get an R&R?
We expect so but I most likely won't post about it until after it happens. We don't expect to stay home for it because it would be too hard on the boy to get used to Daddy being home and then gone again and easier if we just go away for a couple weeks on vacation.

If you have any other questions and I'm able to answer them, I will. Just ask.


Amy said...

I'm a newer follower. My heart breaks for your family with dealing with deployment. My hubby is in the Guard and has been gone since July. He's only been at training, so it's not like the stress of him being in combat, but he's been gone none-the-less. We have a two year old and a one week old (he was able to fly home for 3 days for her birth). I totally agree about going on vacation during R&R because it was a total mess for Jackson when Daddy came home for 2 weeks at Christmas time and then was gone again. He is coming home for good in just three weeks! I am totally praying for your family!

Brianna Renee said...

Thanks Amy! Is your husband at basic/ait? I only ask because that seemed harder than I think this will. My husband joined the military later than most so we were already married and the boy around. The reason I say that is because now we have Skype, email, calls whenever he's able...tons of options to stay close. Thanks for the prayers and enjoy your homecoming!