March 4, 2011

Deployment Sucks

That's pretty much it for today.

I'm highly irritable so I'm trying to stay off facebook. I don't want to get too annoyed with anyone and forget to be polite. I do that sometimes. Quick wit + sharp, uncontrolled tongue = family drama more often than it should but that's not hard when you have 60+ first cousins and most of them are on facebook along with my 16 biological aunts and uncles...all their spouses (and ex-spouses...and then you have to add all the step-people). Somehow the step-people are the worst but I need to stop because that line of thought will go nowhere good.

I'll try to be less annoyed tomorrow.


JG said...

Well....when visiting, our brother-in-law asked if we got the puppies because we weren't going to have kids. "I mean, are these your kids? Are you ever going to have kids?" So, yeah. Totally not related except a vent about people you can't help being related to. Or, I guess I *could* have, but it was part of the deal, unfortunately.