June 2, 2010

Man Work

Ohhh...I'm going to be sore tomorrow. BUT I'm pretty proud of myself today. I did some MAJOR Man Work ALL day. The front yard now looks perfect! And the back yard looks better...better is all that matters right now. Lol. I trimmed the hedges (btw, we have too many hedges) with our giant scissor trimmer things, weed whacked EVERYTHING, pulled some new weeds in the flower bed, prayed over my blueberry and raspberry bushes (nothing else seems to be working), took the boy's pool down so I can mow the back yard tomorrow (oh yay) and fixed both the lock on the shed and the wind chimes which fell in the last storm (I used real tools and everything). To top off my man day, the boy and I ran through the sprinklers for an hour and played catch with his favorite ball for another 30 minutes. In our family, most, if not all of these tasks would normally have fallen to Dad but I'm learning, slowly, to embrace the Man Work at least for the time being because it all still has to be done and the boy needs more than just tickle time, cuddle time and reading time (my particular areas of expertise), he needs to be chased through the sprinkler and play catch with someone who loves him.
Tangent: While we were playing catch today, I decided to grab his ball and play keep-away from him...after running back and forth a couple of times, the boy decided the only way to get the ball back was to tackle me...yup, that's my boy lol.
Anyway, I'm not-so-secretly hoping that when he returns, Joshua will not only take over the Man Work but maybe also embrace some of the Woman Work at least for a few days. I'm pretty sure he will. He's a good guy....much better at it than me.


Milwife Mama of One said...

lol - go you! And they say military spouses are "dependent" ... HA!

JG said...

Wow, go you. I hired people while David was gone :)