June 1, 2010

I Stuck

It's official (it may be technically 3 weeks early but) I have a two year old. How do I know I have a two year old? Because my angelic little boy who used to point and start up the stairs to his bedroom every evening when he was ready to go to bed now screams like a teenage girl in a bad horror movie when it's time to go to sleep. During the day, for the most part, he's still quite angelic and wonderful. We play little games just the two of us know...one of his favorites (and I'm not sure how or when it started) is the "I Stuck" game. He'll run up to me, sit down, clasp his hands together and say "I'm stuck" which of course comes out more like "I tuck" and is too cute for words. At that point, I grab his hands and pretend to try and pull them apart but am unable so I tell him "oh no, you're stuck, you can't go anywhere" and then magically I'm able to pull them apart and he jumps up, yells and does his own version of a happy dance...sadly, he has his father's dancing abilities but that's a subject for another day. Well, over the last week or so, when I tell him it's time for bed (even after I give him a 10 and 5 minute warning...I try...he doesn't get it yet), he's been running up to me crying as he sits down on the floor and yells "no...I tuck." My only assumption is that he's hoping he "can't go anywhere" including to his bed because he's stuck. What he hasn't grasped yet is the fact that he's sill a quarter of my weight and I can and will pick him up and relocate him if he chooses not to move himself. As I do so, he calls out for his favorite things, generally in this order "Daisy, Mouse (as in Mickey), Bubba (our dog), Donald, Ball (any ball of any sort, I assume)" all while crying the ugly cry...you know the one where your face just mushes and tears mix with snot on the way down...it's pathetic. Once in his bed, we pile all his favorite stuffed animals around him (Mickey, mini-Mickey, Donald, mini-Donald, Daisy, Professor Von Drake (he still hasn't tried to say that one yet but he loves him), Dale (but not Chip), and Buzz with his blankie being the piece de resistance. As soon as I turn out his light and shut the door, he stops crying...sometimes he spends a few minutes talking to his toys or jumping on his bed but then he's quiet and angelic again.


JG said...

Well, it's cute from this distance :) Gosh I miss you guys!