June 9, 2010

Disney Blog Carnival: Food

Disclaimer: The new look is not the look I was going for but at midnight, I gave up, HTML code kicked my butt and this is the result (all that after my mouse died and the boy and I had to run to the store and grab a new one)

Disney Blog Carnival: Food (yummm....but you have to pronounce that like the Red Robin yummm commercials because Disney Food is that angelic)
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Here's some of the Food highlights from our last trip starting with our first night...we'd spent the day at Typhoon Lagoon swimming with sharks (SO cool) and playing in the wave pool so we'd built up a BIG appetite and luckily we had reservations at Hoop Dee Doo Musical Revue...it's a dinner show that we love to take people who have never been...especially on the first night-it's a great introduction to the magic...

HDD is held at the Ft Wilderness Cabins and has great rustic feel to it. It's a dinner show where they literally bring you buckets of food (all the yummy comfort food...fried chicken, ribs, corn bread, potatoes...) and dining is family style. They also offer unlimited beer and sangria....that's all I'm going to say about that...

This was the only meal of the trip where everyone was there...we had two sets of friends who were at WDW with overlapping days in addition to half a dozen family. If you look closely, you'll see JG and her SoldierMan (*wink wink).

Two of the people from our group were called up on stage to preform as guest actors...this first was my cousin's husband, Kyle...he played a Brave Warrior...isn't he cute?!

The 2nd person from our table, was Erin, a close family friend who managed to be selected as the Can-Can girl...ooh la la.

This guy wasn't a part of our group but he certainly made the show even funnier...he's about to twirl like a ballerina...

The next day, we met up with our family (technically my family who are from Florida and Virginia and whom we hadn't seen before this trip since Benjamin was born)

The Photopass guy's assistant couldn't understand that the lens I had on the camera at the time didn't zoom in or out (it was a flat 50 for those who care) so Mickey got cut off a bit but we're all there.

We were the 1st table to be visited by each of the characters-thankfully because all around us children refused to eat while they anxiously awaited their own visit. Our kiddos met the characters one by one and in between managed to grab a few bites. This was the boy's first experience with his favorite character...he was nervous but excited!

This is my cousin's daughter, the princess...she has been to Disney World more times in her short little life than many people will go in their lifetime. The joy and magic are always there.

Casey's Corner...our favorite quick service place (just means it's not a proper sit down restaurant). It's sort of a tradition for our first and last days to grab a hot dog and watch some cartoons...a tradition the boy doesn't seem to mind.

Restaurant Merrikesh....in a word, delicious. It's in the Moroccan Pavilion at Epcot's World Showcase, complete with a bellydancer and really amazing food. I had the most tender (literally fell off the bone) lamb shank. I highly recommend it!

Both my boys loved it (and not just because of the bellydancer...though the little one was fairly mesmerized...the big one knew better than to stare too much, lol...it's all very family friendly)

Our absolute favorite restaurant at Disney World is Le Cellier-it's a French/Canadian Steak House/Winery and it's good...like the best steak of your life good (and we're BIG steak people).

This is one of the only "real" food pics I took...it's my Chocolate Moose from Le Cellier.

We managed to do a second dinner show on our last trip, the Spirit of Aloha Luau. It was a first for us and included everything from singing and hula dancers to a fire-breather (he was really impressive).

Again, beer and wine were unlimited but my cousin decided to order whatever this thing was called...he said it was really good and even got to keep the coconut cup (it was a monkey carved from a real coconut).

After the show, they brought out our desserts...Chocolate Volcanoes...

and we ate...and ate...

until we couldn't eat anymore.

Towards the end of our trip, we had a dinner, just the three of us, at Liberty Tree Tavern. It's a Colonial Style Restaurant in Magic Kingdom where, rather than just calling your name for your table, they announce you to the restaurant...like you're royalty entering a ball...anywhere that treats me like royalty is on my good list ;)
The food is unlimited and served family style which is great with a little one....this day he was wiped out and seemed particularly interested in the green beans.
With a little one, snacking was a must periodically...

This was one such moment...we were waiting on Daddy to get off Rock N' Rollercoaster

But, let's be honest....real food at Disney World is amazing but it's the treats that are the most fun....

Waiting for IllumiNations to begin

Just after he realizes his first Mickey Mouse Ice Cream is all gone (also, right before lunch at the Sci-Fi Dine-In...only at Disney World does dessert come before the meal)

A pit stop at Liberty Square in Epcot

Back at the resort, just before bedtime...Daddy messing with the boy

He didn't seem to mind too much

By the end of the trip, the boy learned our policy on treats at Disney....basically it's the opposite of at home (and it took a couple weeks at home to unlearn that policy but it was well worth it).
One, please (ok, he didn't say please unfortunately but he did want some ice cream)

Tomorrow's topic: Characters...should be a fun one!


JG said...

I love the snacks! Today made me realize I need to take more food pictures...because the food IS awesome! Whatever the monstrosity that SoldierMan gets at Mrs. Potts is definitely picture-worthy!

And, I know it's not what you wanted, but I do like the new look. It's cute!

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