June 10, 2010

Disney Blog Carnival: Characters

Disney Blog Carnival: Characters

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When it comes to Disney Characters, nothing compared to our last trip. It was the boy's first time and we were so curious about what his reaction would be.
The first character interaction came over dinner at Chef Mickey's. The boy didn't seem too sure of the whole thing (they're very big to such a little boy) but the funny part was that as long as Daddy was holding him, he didn't want them to go...he didn't want them to touch him but he didn't want them to go.

Our first big Character meet and greet came a few days later in Epcot at park opening (fyi: that's where there's the most amount of characters in one location with the smallest line). We decided to do things a little different than most. Since the boy wasn't old enough to get a pirate makeover at The Pirate's League but I still thought he should be able to get into the spirit of things, he wore something special to meet the Fab Five.
I know what you're thinking and no, I'm not crazy. I just felt like if other parents could dress up their little girls as princesses to meet Cinderella and their little boys as pirates to meet Captain Jack, I should be able to dress up my little boy as Donald Duck to meet Mickey Mouse (I actually wanted to dress him up as Mickey but he and my husband both like Donald better). He was having a great time, until he saw the group of people in line all turn at once and look at him.
Ok, I embarrassed my son for the first time. Oh well, I'm sure it won't be the last. He quickly got over his nerves and did a great job in line (it was all of 5 minutes which probably helped...GO TO WDW IN SEPTEMBER-sorry but the 2 hours summer waits are insane!). So, the boy met the big cheese himself...
He did great! We even got him to wave to the camera! It was perfect, until...
Mickey pulled his tail!
So the boy ran off and wouldn't go back to the Mouse.
Instead, he tattled told Minnie about it.
Unfortunately, I didn't get any other decent pics with the rest of the characters that day but I wasn't too worried about it because I knew we'd be back at the end of the trip for another meet and greet in (somewhat) normal clothes.
By then, the boy had almost forgiven or at least forgotten Mickey's treachery but he was still not totally comfortable.

The boy's smiling but you can't really tell thanks to his obsession with his thumb-we have ultrasound video of him sucking his thumb. I'm not looking forward to breaking that habit.
Anyway, I was surprised how receptive Joshua was to wearing the Thing shirts. It was our last day and we got tons of (positive) comments everywhere-from all 4 parks (we always try to do at least our favorite 2 or 3 things in each park on our last day...as long as our flight schedule permits and this year, we succeeded) to our resort (Pop Century this year) to the airport! They worked out so well that a month later for Halloween, I made the boy a Cat in the Hat costume and Joshua and I wore our Thing shirts when we all went trick-or-treating.

Tomorrow's topis: Fireworks


JG said...

I love the Donald outfit! :) Still my favorite. I love the picture of him waving! That's perfect!

Kayla Sue said...

oh my gosh is your little boy cute!!! Don't worry, I love all things disney too:)

Can't wait to read more!