May 15, 2010

The Truck in the Closet

I'm close to by breaking point with one of Benjamin's favorite toys. It's just a black Dodge truck that has three buttons on top of the makes a loud semi-truck honking makes that backing up beep...and one makes the sound of a diesel engine starting and revving up. Unfortunately, the batteries are dying. Unfortunate first because the batteries are not yet dead but also because now it just randomly and without provocation makes one of those three lovely sounds. To make it even more special, the door to access the batteries is screwed in but not a normal phillips head screw or even one of those alan wrench (???spelling??? know the ones that are hexagonal) screw heads...those I could handle thanks to my darling husband's big purple tool box (yes, he has a big purple tool box but he insists that it's a manly purple, "royal" even...whatever). Instead, this toy from HELL-which btw was purchased by my darling husband, has some sort of weird star screw head and NOTHING I've tried will get the door off. As a result, the truck has spent the last two nights wrapped in one of my bath robes in the back of the spare bedroom's closet...yeah, that's my solution. It's that or hit it with a hammer and I think I might feel a little guilty if I do is one of the boy's favorite toys. I just hope the batteries die soon.


JG said...

Yeah...can't help you on the screw. No idea there. Maybe the more noise the truck makes, the faster the batteries will die. Think about it that way??