May 13, 2010


The boy will be 2 in just over a month! It's crazy how fast two years has gone and I think my little man is about to go through another growth spurt...he's got the crazy clown feet action going on and he's eating and sleeping all the time. The last little spurt he had, he got much taller but he also lost most of his baby chub at least on his body-he still has cheeks that just scream, "PINCH ME!" I've seen him grow more and more like his father. They have the same shoulders and arms-something I was hoping for but I'm sad to say that the boy also now has Joshua's chicken legs and nubby knees...coupled with the clown feet, it's pretty funny. Right now, he's about 33 1/2 inches tall...pretty average which is what we expected since I'm 5' 2" and Joshua's 6' 2" (I've always said I married Joshua because he can fix things and I want to breed height back in...we'll see if it works). My goal/hope/preference, laugh if you must, is that the boy'll be 35 inches by our vacation in September. If he is, he'll be allowed to ride the toddler roller coaster at Walt Disney World and I think he'll love it. He's a little dare devil and he's very brave...sometimes too brave for his own good. Last week I took him and the triplets to the local skate park. The park was empty so they had the place to themselves and the boy got to run around like a mad man. Here's a couple of the pics from the day...(please ignore the peanut butter still on the child's face...)


JG said...

No! No no no no no. He is NOT allowed to be 2 yet! I'm not ready! However, getting to go on the big rides with you is nice. Then at least you all get to ride together. :)