March 29, 2010

Joy & Sorrow

Last weekend I went out for my birthday to a fantastic little restaurant with a handful of my favorite ladies but as excited as I was to go, as I was driving to dinner, I got a little teary-eyed. It seems like the happier I am and the more fun I'm having, I more that little part of my heart that's missing aches. There's something just unbearable about going out and having a great time but not being able to come home and tell Joshua about it. Don't get me wrong, it was EXACTLY what I needed-a night with yummy food and a hotel with no baby monitor. I'm blessed to have amazing friends and family who have supported me throughout this little adventure.

Today, we had a playdate at the zoo. Sadly, one of the moms who was planning on joining us wasn't able to make it because she is most likely having a miscarriage. She's scheduled to see her doctor tomorrow to know for sure but hearing her pain puts so many things into perspective. Running errands after the zoo with a fussy kid who wouldn't listen didn't have the same frustration it might have otherwise. If you can, please say a prayer for my friend (I'm not posting her name as many people didn't know she was pregnant).

When we got home, waiting in the mailbox was the much anticipated 1st letter from Joshua. He's never been much of a writer and the lack of sleep is pretty obvious from his letter but he sounds happy to be there, a bit lonely and definitely looking forward to doing more "fun" stuff but overall well. He says he only gets about 45 minutes a night of down time and it's not really down time because there are alot of things he has to get ready for the next day. In fact, the last third of the letter was written after he said they had turned out the lights.

I miss my husband and I mourn for my friend but I know he will be home soon and she will have peace and joy again.


Anonymous said...

So glad you finally got a letter... and so sorry for your friend.

JG said...

Oh. I know who you're talking about. I wondered what was going on from her status updates. Poor thing.