April 1, 2010

Access Denied!

Ugh...so frustrated today. I received two letters yesterday and Another today which is great (especially because they came out of order and today's clarified a few things). However, I also received the form with Joshua's official address-which by now I only needed to confirm I had read his atrocious hand writing correctly (I did); more importantly, it had his battalion's website address which I immediately went to look at. Someone, CONUS-TNOSC (whatever the heck that is) has denied me access. I've emailed "them" although I'm fairly certain "they" are an automated system so I'm not holding my breath for a response.

If anyone has experience with CONUS-TNOSC or has any advice at all, I'd appreciate a little help! I just don't know if it's an Army thing or a computer thing, or both.


Brianna Renee said...

UPDATE: I can access the website from my phone but not my computer...how can I change my computer settings?

Barbara B. said...

Have you tried to go on your Internet explorer, tools and options and change your security settings?

Anonymous said...

CONUS = Continental United States
TNOSC = Theater Network Operations and Security Center

CONUS-TNOSC = the Stateside dingbats in charge of your access to computer network "stuff"

Welcome to the military life Brianna :). Seriously, if you need ANYTHING please call/email/whatever. With the new baby our schedule is all out of whack, so don't worry about the time difference.

Take care!
-Shannon :?)

Brianna Renee said...

I attempted to post this morning but the storm last night apparently distroyed our electrical company's ability to do anything right...

I spent HOURS working on my security settings! Sadly, to no avail so now I'm giving up...well, that's not totally acurate. I'm ignoring it until Monday because I refuse to be frustrated ALL weekend long.