August 17, 2012

Furry Friday Fun

Bubba and I are linking up with Me and My SoldierMan for another week of Furry on the pic below to join in!

Our Bubba has a new game...


We've had the huge trampoline (a wonderful gift from the boy's Godparents) for over a year. They brought it down and set it up just after the girl was born so the boy could get rid of some of that great toddler energy without needing me with him. But now, apparently, Bubba has decided it's his.

No. He doesn't jump. He just runs around in circles...also, the balls and sticks that are there are not there because of the dog. Bubba is your typical Rhodesian Ridgeback and isn't really into balls and sticks but he's more than happy to chase another dog who is chasing a ball or a stick.

He stands guard at the opening whenever the boy is outside because if the boy goes up, Bubba gets down. He's not into the jumping side of the trampoline.

We love our Bubba.


JG said...

Oh my goodness, what a happy face! You can so tell he's claimed the trampoline, haha!