August 15, 2012

Costume Ideas for Siblings, Couples or Groups

It's that time of year again, fall is on the horizon and for us, that means costumes...lots of costumes. 

I know how hard it can be to come up with costume ideas so below is a compilation of some of our favorite costume ideas with contributions from our family and friends...hope it helps!

Peter Pan Characters
So many options for boys and girls when you go with Peter was our pick last year when we had a large group.


Jake and the Neverland Pirates
(photo credit:

Phineas and Ferb
(photo credit:
Last year our friends who have 3 boys all did this...Mom was Candace, Dad was Dr Doofenshmirtz, older boys were Phineas and Ferb and the baby was Perry.

Thanks to Pinterest girls can join in on the hero fun...
Source: via Brianna on Pinterest

Toy Story Characters
In addition to Buzz and Jessie, you can do Woody, Bo Peep, Slinky Dog, Mr and Mrs Potato Head, Rex, Hamm, Bullseye, Aliens, Sarge (complete with a bucket of soldiers), RC, Wheezy, Stinky Pete, Zurg, Lots-O, Peas in a Pod, Ken and Barbie

Star Wars Characters
This is the one we may do for Halloween this year with the boy as Luke, our princess as Leila and Joshua and I as Darth Vader and Queen Amidala
The best part of going with a Star Wars route is the number of available options...and you can always throw in an extra Jedi or Storm Trooper.

Dr Seuss Characters
Oh the things you can do...
And do...

Classic Disney Characters
*tip: you don't have to go to the parks to get the can go to Disney's Shopping website and buy them there

Just add Bert to Mary Poppins...or dancing penguins and you'll be a unique and totally fun group.

In addition to Bam Bam, in 2010 Joshua and I were Barney and Betty Rubble and an itty bitty Pebbles, Fred and Wilma (the boy's Godparents and their daughter) met up with us for some trick-or-treating fun.

More fun options...

The Brady Bunch

A Magician and Bunny Rabbit 
(particularly good if you have an older boy and a little bitty girl)

Police and Criminal
(we thought about doing this and making our one year old the cop and the rest of us crooks since she's so clearly in charge)

Bo Peep and Sheep
(another good one if you have a particularly "in charge" kind of little girl...everyone else can be her sheep)

Peanut Butter and Jelly
(the sandwich board type of costume...bigger kids or adults would probably be better at walking with these types of costumes)

A Gaggle of Ghosts
(before pirates were the go-to group thing, ghosts were a popular back-up option)

Beauty and the Beast

Dorthy and Toto 
(or any other combination of characters from Wizard of Oz)

Milo and Otis

Raggedy Ann and Andy

Dora and Diego

Elmo and Zoey

Sully and Boo
(you can always add Mike Wizowski, Waternoose or the CDA agents for a group option)

Bowling Ball and Pins
(great for a big group and gender is irrelevant)

Hanzel and Gretel

Wilbur and Charlotte

Jack Sprat and His Wife
(cute if you have a little chubby baby girl and an older lean brother)

The Adams Family Characters

Mario, Luigi and Princess Toadstool

Whatever theme you decide to go with, have a great time and take lots of pictures!


Jen said...

All the costume ideas are awesome! :)

Ysabella said...

I love the couples costumes! Thanks for sharing.