July 27, 2012

La-la-land & Olympics

Let me first say that I'm medicated so if there's more grammatical errors than usual, my apologies.

Why am I medicated? 

Because I'm a loser and jacked up my neck a few days ago. I tried to just suck it up and wait for it to get better. I'm kind of a man like that. I hate taking medicine and I hate going to the doctor...going 3-5 times a week at the end of each of my pregnancies burned me out on waiting rooms, not to mention all the poking and prodding. But, the pain was too much so I went in this morning and after an initial exam and a couple x-rays, I was told I have too much stress. Really? You don't think. A mother of two with a husband just back from deployment? No. Never. Apparently, my neck muscles have been spasm-ing and have pushed my spine to the point where it's supposed to curve one direction and it's actually curving the other way. Yeah. Great. The doctor told me that if I had taken a muscle relaxer and limited my physical activity when it first started hurting, it probably wouldn't have gotten as bad as it did but I didn't because I'm a mom...and I'm nursing and I hate the idea of taking anything so now instead of ibuprofen, I've got two prescriptions...one for daytime and one at night. The daytime one isn't supposed to make you loopy but I am seriously in loopy-land. I was going to take the kids to the library this afternoon but operating a motor vehicle seems like a bad idea right now...so I'm blogging because that's not dangerous while medicated. Ha. I'm curious to see what the nighttime one will do to me. 

Anyway, all loopiness and neck aches aside, we've had fun gearing up for the Olympics...by we I mean me and the boy (he's learning about all sorts of new-to-him sports) and Joshua who has had a great time making fun of me. It's kind of what he does best. Last night I started a spreadsheet timeline listing all the events I don't want to miss. Yes. I recognize that I'm not normal. I'm good with it. I'm just excited because for the first time ever all the events are being live-broadcast via the internet so I can watch the archery, the synchronized diving and all the other events that my darling husband couldn't care less about. He mocks my Olympic enthusiasm but him mocking me is nothing new...one of his favorite things to do is purposely mix up Star Trek and Star Wars references just to get under my nerd skin. 

Ok. Loopy pills are taking over. Good thing the kids are napping. I think I'll join them.


Jen said...

I hope your next feels better, but I agree going to the doctor is the worst!!

Brianna Renee said...

Thanks. My neck is already tons better but it's been good to have a bit of a rest.