June 8, 2012

Friday Fun

Last Sunday morning when we woke up HOURS before I would have preferred thanks to the yellow ribbon event, this is what we woke up to...

Yup. A good chunk of the tree in our back yard collapsed. The amazing thing is that earlier in the day, Joshua had been talking about camping in the backyard with the boy and where the limb landed is exactly where they would have set up their tent. But since we had to get up super early for the yellow ribbon, they slept inside so in a way, the Army saved my boys from being hurt. 

Not only were my boys kept safe, you might notice our baby swing is still good. The limb it's hung from is home to a nest of baby birds and their mommy. All (to our knowledge-we didn't want to get too close) seem to have survived.

(The Boy triumphant in his sawing abilities)
Joshua and the boy have begun chopping up the fallen portion of the tree and trimmed much of the rest of it back so it can't fall on anything or anyone else (like our dog when he's doing his thing). We're hoping that what's left of the sad tree with hold strong long enough for the baby birds to leave the nest later this summer.

(this is what we did while the boys worked)