January 4, 2012

New Design! - Check It Out!!!

While the kids and I were down for the count with the flu, my little blog was getting redesigned. I ordered a simple package from Dirt and Lace Designs and I love it. I love it so much that I suspect I'm going to upgrade to a deluxe package sooner rather than later...well, as soon as I can convince Joshua that it's a good idea.

I heard about Dirt and Lace Designs from my very good (real life and blogging) friend JG at Me and My SoldierMan who has used the designer in the past and plans to do so again.

To be honest, I hated all the previous freebie templates and the one attempt I made at design was a total fail. I'm digitally challenged but I wanted a cute blog...not because I'm trying to generate more traffic, or get more followers...that's not my goal with blogging. I'll admit, it is an ego boost when someone out of the blue tells me they read my blog but blogging for me is an outlet-a way to keep my sanity while dealing with the insanity that military life and kids bring.

Speaking of insanity...I'm pretty sure my son just rode the dog down the stairs. Fabulous.  


JG said...

Ahh! Love it!! :)

Becca said...

Very adorable! Hopped over from JG's blog:) Seems like new blog designs are the thing this month! I am in the process of getting one too, although I didn't know about this designer:)