November 10, 2011

HH6 bag

I've been distracting myself from deployment blues with lots of's the latest...

The front. (I took the name tape off for the pic and I'm not sure how clear it is but the rank is HH6)

I used some of one of my hubby's old uniforms...obviously the digicam ACUs and if you want to be technical, he's in multicams now but personally I think they're ugly...yes, they provide more camouflage and all that but they're brown and always look dirty so I didn't want a bag made out of that print.

The inside...I used a couple of the pockets from his cover too.

It was fun. I wish I could do a tutorial post but I really stink at that sort of thing (I could never show my work in 6th grade math either)-I usually just wing it on stuff like this. Anyway, I'll probably take a couple days off from craft type stuff but my next project is a dress for baby girl.


Kari said...

WOW, Brianna. In college, I would have never thought you would be doing crafty stuff, but you are really talented. I love it. How are you by the way. I miss you. When are you coming back? You have got to meet my newest addition soon!!