May 9, 2011

Dog House

My husband. He's the quintessential all or nothing kind of guy. He's that guy who either makes all other husbands look really bad...or he's the example other men can use to make themselves look better. There is no in between.

Prime example: a couple years ago for Valentine's Day, Joshua did what he called the "14 Days of Valentines." Every day I came home to something new...nothing really expensive and not even always something he bought...just something that was special for me every favorite candy bar...a bubble bath with candles...etc.

Go ahead...oooh, ahhhh.

One month later, my birthday came and went...nada. Not a card, not a happy birthday baby. Not a stinkin' cupcake with a candle.

Flash forward to this weekend. Mother's Day weekend (not to mention Friday was Military Spouse Appreciation Day but we'll ignore that one because it's not exactly the Hallmark holiday Mother's Day has become).

Again, nada. Oh wait, no, worse than nada...I got a text message which read

"btw happy mothers day"

...not even a post on facebook.

Just a reminder, I'm 7 1/2 months along a high risk, difficult pregnancy and home with a 2 yr old. Alone. Every day.

I get that he probably sent a card or something and the fabulous mail just hasn't come yet but in my very pregnant (read: pissy) state, I think the boy should have mailed it early enough to be here before Sunday. My goodness, he's stateside...only a couple states away in's not that tough.

But he didn't so he's kind of in the dog house. And something I've realized with deployment/pre-deployment training is that when he gets into the dog house, he could stay there MUCH longer than usual because he's not here every day to see my angry eyes (as Mrs Potato Head would say). The flip side of it is that we don't get the chance to talk for very long and we don't skype often so I'll most likely get over it pretty quickly because life goes on and I have to talk to him...I have to tell him about the homeowners insurance that has a mistake in the breakdown letter I just received and that the boy's allergies/ear infections suck but he's a trooper.

Like everything else, deployment makes the dog house a totally different sort of situation.


JG said...

I'm sorry. That was a FAIL move on his part, for sure. Of course, my soldier spent Mother's Day Eve trying to convince me to push the baby schedule off another year. And when he called his mom, she very *nicely* threw out "too bad we can't say that to you this year." So it was a pretty bitter day here to, though not on the same scale, of course.

JG said...

*"that" meaning "Happy Mother's Day."

Misty Marie said...

Girl! Mine too! I cried most of yesterday! A simPle thank you would have been nice! I gave him an earful last nite! I did get a card, which he got along with his moms on the way to the airport and a line inside that said hope having me home for 4 days was a good enough present! Ugh... Beats last year I didn't even get a card then! Boo epic fail lol