April 10, 2011

Too much time=Tons of Tutus

I have an obsessive nature...shocking, I know. *dripping sarcasm.

I've managed thus far in my life to direct my obsessive nature into good outlets...vacation planning, photography, time with my husband, motherhood...all good things. And now I've found another...

With this deployment and being pregnant with a little girl, I've been thrown into a pink world and I've fully embraced it...somewhat to my own surprise. I'm not much of a girly-girl at least when it comes to clothes and accessories myself. I enjoy nice things and jewelry is fabulous but I'm a ponytail, jeans and make-up-only if I have time for it, kind of girl. But I love to create things. I love photography and designing pretty things.

So...I've gone overboard with baby girl's room...and loved every second of it. I'm also that mom who prefers my kids be dressed properly, as in matching, unwrinkled and unstained, even if we're just running to walmart...no judgement on anyone else-it's just my little OCD coming through BUT, I'm also the child of a hard working single mother who would have had a hard time going to the extremes I have with my kids' rooms and clothes so I know how blessed my kids are (and one of them isn't even born yet!). I do have concerns that they may grow up taking it all for granted. But I'll worry about that tomorrow...today, I shop...and decorate.

I've decided that instead of putting our daughter's name on the wall...as we did with our son and so many people do, I want to do something unique. I had already planned to buy a medium sized wall shelf to help take up room on a specific wall but now what I want to do is buy nine (the number of letters in her name) wallet sized photo frames. Then, I plan to print off each letter of her name on card stock, cut it out and put each one in a frame...cute, right?!

Well, in addition to decorating her room, I've taught myself how to make hair bows, head bands and tutus. Here's what I've done so far...

^ -The 1st Tutu I made and a matching hair puff clip

^ -Just a couple bows/barrettes...I need to get better at these...

^ -Tutu #2 (I like to call it the "I Love Lucy Tutu) and a matching hair puff (that I clipped onto a newborn hat just 'cause it's cute)

^ -Tutu #3...I love it when little girls wear blue (the pic doesn't show it very well-it was late when I took the pic and lighting limited but it's a purplish blue tutu with wisps of glittery white)

Tutus, bows and room decor have been a great deployment distraction and I look forward to making at least a few more before this pregnancy gets too tiring to stay up late cutting tulle and gluing clips.


JG said...

Love the I Love Lucy ones!!! But they're all very cute!

Cyle & Erin said...

She's going to look fabulous!