April 12, 2011


If deployment has taught me anything thus far, it's that priorities are relative. The priorities in my life right now are...pretty much in the following order...

Keep the boy safe, healthy and at least mostly content.

Stay pregnant.

Stay sane.

Keep the house from totally being overrun with laundry and dishes.

Keep the dog and both cats alive (last time Joshua left, we had two dogs when he left and one when he returned...I can't start being known as the woman who kills an animal every time my husband leaves...it would be bad)

Keep up with what's happening with my friends and their lives (kind of falls under keeping sane but in and of itself, it's lower, sorry friends but it is what it is).

Manage morning sickness (six months in) with at least some grace...difficult when you're SO pregnant that every time you throw up, you also pee your pants.

Everything else.

Like I said, those are my priorities right now but regardless of the day, the top two are always the top two so yeah, I'm going to have days when I don't put that stinkin' load of laundry away or unload the dishwasher. There will be days when I should probably call and check on a friend and don't (I do regret those days). Days when I never make it out of the pajamas because the morning sickness makes even just the idea of getting dressed feel more like an iron man triathlon but I'm doing my best and I'll get through this. One day of relative priorities at a time.


Mrs. Sergeant said...

This post is great. It is the absolute truth. Deployments teach you a lot, but prioritizing is right there on top, I know it was for me. Well said. :-)

Mrs. Sergeant

PS. Sorry you're still dealing with MS. :-( I hope it gets better for you soon.