April 1, 2011

Deployment Schedule

Well, we're getting back into the swing of our version of a deployment schedule. No one in our family is really a morning person except maybe my husband and even then, I'd just say he's more average than an actual early morning. Meanwhile, the boy, the dog and I all feel that anything before 8 or even 9am is pretty much wrong. As time progresses, at least the boy and I will have to adjust...first to baby girl and then in a couple years to the boy starting school (although we plan to send him to a blended private school where he'll actually be home-schooled all but two days a week). I sincerely doubt the dog will ever adjust. He doesn't even go out to do his morning thing sometimes until nearly noon. No accidents so I don't push it.

Anyway, we're living it up, night owl style. We usually have breakfast around 10am...or our version of it...again, not morning people and although the mother in me would love for my son to eat some homemade waffles or an omelet and turkey bacon every morning, it doesn't happen. I'm lucky if I can get him to eat a pastry, some yogurt and fruit but it's all about picking your battles and since even my husband's not a big breakfast person, I'm not surprised the boy isn't one as well. Lunch is usually early (to mid depending on the morning) afternoon and while Joshua's gone, it's quickly becoming our big meal of the day. Something I couldn't have done with Joshua here...his schedule just wouldn't allow for it. THAT is the one big benefit of deployment. The schedule is all mine. I don't have to clear things or arrange things according to my husband's civi job, the guard or his plans. It's all about whatever I want (well, whatever I want that will also work with the boy). Dinner usually starts with me staring in fridge and ends with leftovers or a quick sandwich and veggies.

Meanwhile, TV has become essentially non-existent at least in live form because I don't really believe in watching television, especially any sort of adult (meaning How I Met Your Mother and Criminal Minds, not bow-chica-wow-wow adult) television. I would never get to watch anything but cable news and late night hosts if it weren't for the DVR. A big ol' THANK YOU to whomever invented it...words cannot say how much I appreciate you-you have kept me entertained and somewhat sane. So instead of television in the evenings before the boy goes to sleep, I've been doing all the basic household stuff, shopping online (another sanity savior) and becoming more and more domestic. I have made baby girl's first tutu. It's pretty small and I hope to use it for her birth announcement pics but we'll see when she gets here. Here's a pic (sorry about the quality...camera phone pic and the dog decided to investigate the tutu-read: got his nose in and pushed the tulle around a bit...just as I took the pic).

This weekend, I'm hoping to clean out the bathroom cabinets (not a small project) and sew baby girl's new curtains. Like I said, this deployment schedule (and this pregnancy) are upping my domesticity.


Misty Marie said...

Good for you! I have yet to get out of the funk and get back to being productive!
Ive been making tutus too but mine has only worn one.. they get so out of control so fast haha! Im thinking i need to do an easter one though!!!

JG said...

I have to admit, a small piece of me is looking forward to field training for these reasons. It's nice to be the one to decide when I go to bed...although my days of sleeping in past 7:30 ended when we got the puppies. Hence my new coffee addiction.