July 21, 2010

Tacky? Cute? ...or somewhere in between

So...we're taking the boy back to Disney World in September...it's just kind of our thing and I'm SUPER excited because today I picked up some new sneakers for him and they totally give him the height I was hoping for. See, if he's 35 inches tall, he'll be allowed to ride the children's roller coaster, Goofy's Barnstorner and he's so close it's unbelievable. I don't want to chance him being a hair too short and have to wait another year so I'm "insuring" he'll be permitted to ride (please don't give me crap about the fact that the height requirements are there for his safety, if I didn't think it was safe, I don't care how tall he is, he wouldn't ride).

Anyway, I'm thinking about making a "special" shirt for the boy but I'm not sure if it's a cute idea or just tacky. Ugh. I wanted to upload the Works page I have for it but it's not working so basically it just says "I'm a 2007 Walt Disney World souvenir"  (the Walt Disney World is the typical logo with the Disney font and all that and the I'm a 2007 & souvenir are in Bradley ITC font in case you're ubber attentive to detail).

So, what do you think?


Milwife Mama of One said...

lol - as long as you don't mind the double-takes and occassional blunt question then go for it - cute :)

Renee said...

You should make the shirt! That's a too cute thing to put on it - and he's 2'ish!