June 15, 2010

Weather Review

It's been exactly three months since Joshua left for OSUT at Ft Leonard Wood today. I could write about a ton of stuff that the boy and I have done and all that I've learned in the last three months but I'm not in a nostalgic or sappy mood right now so instead, I'd like to recap the weather we've had to endure...(around here, the weather is always a good topic of conversation because it's never boring but these last few months, it's been even more adventurous than normal).

We have...
*been snowed in, twice-once was more ice than snow but same principle
*had the worst hail storm in the state's recorded history
*had 2 tornado watches for our area and one warning which was close enough to send us to the storm shelter (another first in recorded history)
*experienced triple digit degree weather beginning in April (not at all normal for our neck of the woods)
*had a handful of electrical storms-one of which came close enough to bring the neighbor's tree down (kind of glad they're on the other side of the street)
*lost power for at least an hour on 4 separate occasions

and yesterday, we saw the metro area flooded. Over a foot of rain in many parts and one creek near a popular lake rose an estimated 30 feet...yeah, FEET. The local news broadcasters are saying that it was a once in 500 year flood.

Thankfully, through it all, the boy, the dog, the house and I managed to stay undamaged (well, apart from our wind chimes which were taken out in the tornado warning).

I'd like to say all this record breaking weather surprised me but I pretty much expected it as soon as Joshua left. I also expected a plethora of mechanical issues to come up and so they have. My hope now, is that when deployment comes, it'll be boring.


JG said...

It sounded like 500 year flood from what people were saying on facebook. I'm so proud I guess right! :) Glad you made it through okay. I know several people who hadn't had their roofs fixed from the hailstorms yet.

annoyed army wife said...

I've got something on my blog for you: http://annoyedarmywife.blogspot.com/2010/06/awards.html