June 6, 2010

Disney Carnival: Parks

A great friend and fellow Disney-phile is hosting a Disney Blog Carnival this week. Today's topic is Disney Parks.
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My hubby and I are BIG fans of Walt Disney World and I'm sure we'll love all the various DisneyLands around the world once we get the chance to visit (we're hoping sooner rather than later). Here's a few of my favorite pics from our last visit to WDW which was also our son's first visit in September 2009 (the time before, we came home with a special souvenir-pregnant with our son).

Magic Kingdom
(Where the magic began, well, in Florida at least)

(we love going in the fall and seeing all the Halloween/fall decorations)

(this guy was awesome...he was painting with water...as soon as he finished, it would start to disappear but he was so good-this was the first year I'd seen anyone do it and it was only a few minutes after seeing the "Talking Trashcan" for the first time as well...lots of firsts this trip)

(While we were having lunch on our first day, the boy saw Donald Duck for the first time and was SO excited!...aren't their shorts cute?!)

(The Dapper Dans Barbershop Quartet preformed while the boy got his very first haircut which was our excuse to go to Disney World this year)

(he was a champ...played with sticker and didn't get nervous one bit)

(His first ears and his first haircut rolled into one...doesn't get better than that in our house)

(Donald's Boat...with all the new construction going on in Magic Kingdom, we're hoping that Donald's boat makes the cut...we all had a great time)

(I heart Epcot)

(Did you know that when the fountain in the middle of Future World was christened, representatives from 23 nations brought water from their own nation's lakes and rivers to be fed into the fountain and symbolize what Epcot is really about)

(Oh Canada, you have my favorite restaurant and remind me of going up in northern Minnesota)

(The Seas Pavilion is a big hit for our family)

(This is my favorite building in Epcot...can't really say why, I just love the way it looks)

(IllumiNations is just amazing)

Hollywood Studios
(which will always be MGM in my book...it's weird to think that the boy will never know it as MGM)

(This picture alone proves that you're never too young to go to Disney...he LOVED it!)
(my favorite picture of them by far!)

(Hollywood Studios Street Preformers)

(Hollywood Studios Street Preformers)

(Can't wait for the boy to be big enough to hold my hand through Tower of Terror)

(We don't do treats at home very often but at Disney it's pretty much whatever you want, you get, he picked up on that rule pretty quickly..."one please")

Animal Kingdom
(for some reason, I don't have too many Animal Kingdom pics that I really like...I'll have to remember that on our next trip)

(please ignore my husband...surprisingly enough, that's his happy face and yes, he wears black hats with brown shirts just to annoy me)

(I love this pic because it's looking out from the bridge to Africa into Asia with Everest in the background)

(the boy LOVED looking at all the stuff outside Dinosaur in Animal Kingdom, which worked out great for us because it's one of our favorite rides!)

(The boy. Notice one shoe on and one shoe off...that's my son, so proud)

(I always wanted a boy's boy...looks like I got it...ps>his shirt says Born to be Wild)
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allissa said...

you have such a beautiful family!

Stacie said...

What fun pictures!
I need to save money and get out of Disneyland and over to Disney World! Maybe next year....

JG said...

I still love the matching outfits! :) I didn't know that about the fountain, but I totally believe it. That is SO Disney :) I can't believe how much he's grown! It seems like it was just a few weeks ago we were all down there! I love it!

Ashley said...

Love the tidbit about the fountain! I had never heard that before. Your picture of the fountain and the fireworks at Epcot are stunning!