March 20, 2010

Snow For The Weekend!

Well, it's nearly 9am and my beautiful baby boy is still sleeping (I LOVE that child!). God knew what He was doing when He gave me a kid who also isn't much of a morning person. The hour I get in the morning to read, watch something I DVR'd a week ago or hop online and see what my friends are up to is often my favorite part of the day. Today, it's even more appreciated than most days...yesterday which I previously, erroneously, prematurely labeled as OK didn't end so well but I'll get back to that later.

Just for those who don't live in Oklahoma, we don't get snow (real snow) very often...we do get slush that falls every year and those of us who are not natural-born Okies laugh at some of the locals as they FREAK out. Well, this year's been a bit different. We've had real snow and actually quite a bit of it. The last week has been beautiful...the kind of weather you go outside in jeans and a t-shirt and play "catch me if you can" until the toddler collapses of exhaustion but alas our meteorologists who have all been predicting a blizzard this weekend (in Oklahoma we don't have weathermen, we have meteorologists who all went to the the best meteorology school in the world, the University of Oklahoma-BOOMER SOONER, ok I'm biased, I went there but it really is the best...we have pretty much every weather situation known to land-locked mankind). Of course, alot of people will dismiss our meteorologists predictions but that's most likely because they've never lived somewhere with "weathermen." We have. It was unpleasant. In Oklahoma, when we get a tornado, we're warned mile by mile what's safe and often they break it down to the street level. When my husband was in college and we had to move 750 miles away, the "weathermen" weren't quite so accurate despite the fact that the city we lived in could trump every city in Oklahoma by two fold easily. There was a tornado warning, there was a tornado...unfortunately, the warning and the tornado were about 40 miles apart.

Tangents aside, we knew a blizzard was coming so I loaded the boy up and we headed to Walmart for milk and bread (I normally like to bake my own but sadly, this week hasn't allowed that to happen). There was the typical mayhem before a storm but additionally there were unruly teenagers everywhere waiting for midnight so they could purchase New Moon. I'm a fan of the movie and I admit I went to the midnight showing but I just have to say, if my child EVER behaves like some of those children behaved, his world will end. I'm talking he'll have 3 meals a day, a mattress and maybe a sheet on his bed but not much beyond that. After fighting the crowds and saving my son from being trampled by teenage hooligans who I'm certain were doing some sort of primitive mating ritual, we loaded up the Suburban (yes, I have one child and a suburban...the 90 lb dogs have a little to do with it but mostly I like them). When we got home, I got the boy inside and went back to open the back window...not sure why I didn't just open the hatch but I didn't and when I opened the broke. Not the glass, just the hydraulic arm things that hold it open (btw, "hydraulic arm things" is the most scientifically accurate term). I should mention this has happened once before and my loving husband fixed it in less than 5 minutes...sadly, I'm not so skilled. One side was off and the other side's hydraulic arm thingy wouldn't close so as much as I really just wanted to lay it on the open whole, forget it and go inside, I couldn't. After about 20 minutes of crying and pulling and really not doing much of anything, I think I broke the other side. I'm not really sure but I was able to lay it in the hole and it seems pretty secure...the thing is, in Oklahoma we have really strong winds and as my home and garage were built in 1948, my lovely Suburban must live under our carport. Every couple of hours I would go out and check to make sure the wind hadn't pulled it off and shattered it. I was able to eventually get ahold of two of my husbands friends and it looks like I am going to take it into the shop on Monday which just means that I'm stuck at home for the weekend (probably would have been anyway with the snow...predictions of 6-12 inches is pretty severe for our neck of the woods).

On a positive note, last night was the first night since Joshua left for BCT that our son didn't have a nightmare...I think we may be finally adjusting to our new (temporary) life without him. It's still so strange to have your heart living somewhere else and having NO contact. I'm hopeful he'll get a mailing address soon and maybe even earn some phone privileges. Meanwhile, we have snow to play in!


JG said...

Oh my gosh. I'm sorry! Surely they can fix it quickly.

Brianna Renee said...

I would assume just came off. I don't know. I'm sure the guys can figure it out pretty quickly