March 19, 2010

My (New) Life

I never pictured myself married to the military in any way shape or form but here we are...Day 5 of my husband's BCT...I'm starting to get some of the lingo down but I still have to ask now and then.

My husband started telling me he wanted to join the military a little over a year ago...we had a 6 month old son and were looking to buy our first home at the time. I was less than pleased at the idea but with time and prayer, I came to the conclussion that it would be hypocritical of me to follow whatever dreams I had and not "allow" my husband to to the same. He did compromise and joined the Oklahoma Army National Guard so that we wouldn't have to constantly be moving.

I don't think it even dawned on me that I would be a military wife until about a week after he swore in...I guess because it's the Guard and on the outside looks like very little has changed, I had the same attitude but that all changed the night when a friend asked me if my husband was going to join "the real military." My husband's MOS is 21B...a combat engineer and it looks at least for now, that he "may" deploy very soon. In the meantime, he'll be at BCT and AIT for the next 14-21 weeks (still not clear on that one); I don't know how much more real it gets.

A friend recommended starting a blog...I was uncertain (not such a fabulous writer...sorry, I'm sure there's tons of spelling and grammatical errors) but I live in a town of 3,000...a town where I don't even know more than a handful of those 3,000. Real civilization (along with most of my friends) is about an hour away and I'm going to go crazy without some form of adult communication.

So I guess here's my reader's digest update: today was ok; yesterday sucked; tomorrow it's supposed to snow.


JG said...

Glad you could join us :)

Riding the Roller Coaster said...

Welcome to the mil spouse family! Found you on JG's blog. Nice to meet you!

Brianna Renee said...

Thanks! I think this will be fun!

Ashley said...

You are a military wife, do not let anyone else tell you any different!!

Crazyaboutmyfamily said...

I know it must be hard and I cannot say I know what you are going through. I would like to lend an ear when needed though.

Wiley said...

Welcome to the fray! Good luck with the transition - it's hard but has great rewards, too.

Brianna Renee said... really is a different kind of life but I'm starting to think I'll get the hang of it