March 18, 2013

Princess Pics

Over the weekend, I had a little fun with my camera. I got my wedding dress out and took some shots of our daughter in it.

(I'm a horrible bride-it's been 7+ years and I STILL haven't had my dress professionally cleaned/preserved...but I will...soon...) 

This is why having a daughter is fun...makes her first sentence, "I'm mad at Mommy" so much easier to deal with.


Jen said...

Adorable! :) Love these pictures.

Jennifer said...

Too cute!!! I am not doing much better. 5 years since our wedding (going on 6) and my gown went from the reception to the garment bag....and hasn't come out yet.

JG said...

I love these pics! And yeah, my dress is still sitting on a dress form at my parents' house, with a sheet draped over it.