November 30, 2012

(Foster) Furry Friday

It's he the cutest?! The dog. The kid is pretty cute too but today is all about the puppy.

A couple weeks ago we agreed to take the little guy in as our foster puppy. We've had foster puppies from time to time in the past and every time we do it, we always go into it knowing that if we absolutely fall in love, we'll adopt the little guy (or girl). This time was no different. When we heard his story, we knew we had to help.

This sweet puppy was barely two months old when a woman saw her neighbor kick the puppy down a set of cement apartment stairs. She courageously ran over and confronted the man. She called the cops and long story short, they found out that he was not only abusive to this little one, his mommy and the rest of his litter inside the apartment (to the point where the mommy was starving and barely able to nurse) but ALSO had a home nearby with THIRTY more dogs. The man was taken into custody and charged with animal cruelty and other crimes related to suspected dog fighting. The police took the dogs to the local shelter but the brave neighbor who initially called the police offered to take the little guy who'd been kicked down the stairs. Unfortunately, her son's asthma prevented her from being able to keep him more than a couple days but she saved him from going to the shelter. Pit and pit mixes rarely do well in shelters. 

So, that's when we stepped in. A friend working for a Pit Rescue posted his pic on facebook and we couldn't turn our backs.

He had worms. He wasn't housebroke. And he was a "rescue"...which can mean so many things. We didn't know if we'd have to address aggression issues. We didn't know if he'd be scared. The lab/husky rescue that we adopted, Murray, was severely abused before he came to live with us. It took months before Joshua could walk into the same room or make a sudden movement in front of Murray before Murray wouldn't pee out of fear.

Thankfully, this little guy seems to have been rescued before any long lasting effects could take root. Sure, he was a bit nervous to begin with but he quickly became a bouncy bundle of puppy love-playing with both the kids and our Ridgeback without fear. He's a funny little guy. He LOVES shoes. He hasn't really chewed them (although to be honest, we've been quick to not give him the option)...he lines them in a perfect straight line. It's a little OCD. 

It's sad how many people are appalled that we let our four year old and even our one year old play with a pit puppy. Even my mom sounded a bit nervous when I told her we were fostering a pit. I hope that these images, our experience with this great little guy helps break down some of the barriers of breed prejudice. 

We seriously considered keeping the little guy but the choice was between adopting him and not having the space/flexibility to foster any more puppies or keeping him until he found a forever home and continuing to be open to foster as needed. We talked to the boy about it and explained everything. He said he'd be said if the little puppy went to another home but he really wanted to help more dogs. So, today, we drop this little guy off to go to his forever home. I'm sure there will be tears but when another puppy in need comes along, we'll be able to help.


Chantal said...

What a sweet puppy and sad story! I'm glad he found a good home!

Katie Mader said...

Oh my! What a story! I have always thought about fostering and this just makes me want to do it even more. Too bad housing only allows 2 dogs per house or I would be a hoarder. Thank goodness for a nice outcome.

Cassidy said...

Thank you for fostering a pit. My husband and I own probably a one of a kind pit bull. She was raised by our chihuahua and thinks she's tea cup size. Not so much. Everyone is terrified of her looks but after meeting our pit some change their minds of what pits really are. All dogs can be aggressive it's all how you raise them. Unfortunately pits because of their strength and massive jaw pressure are bred for horrible things and thus breeding the nasty rumors of the rep. Thank you again even more by allowing your children to be with that lucky little dog.