November 2, 2012

Duct Tape and Mittens

I have a confession.

I love politics. 

I know. It's horrible. But I was in debate in high school and it got me hooked. I can't help it. 

As much as I love politics, this little magical blog has been a politics-free zone because over the last few years it seems like politics has gone from what the Brits so cleverly call a battle with the "loyal opposition" to dirty, divisive, vicious attacks...on both sides. And don't get me started on the whole 3rd party shenanigans. 

Anyway, I may love politics but I love my friends and family more. I am (shockingly) conservative...who would have guessed? A stay-at-home/homeschooling mother of two who lives in the middle of Oklahoma and is married to a Soldier...conservative? huh. BUT, I also have family and many friends from college and childhood who are very liberally-minded. They're not anti-military, hippie, communist nuts and we're not greedy, war-loving, hateful crazies but that's what this race has painted both sides to be. Are there anti-military, hippie communists on the left? Absolutely. Are there greedy, war-loving, hateful crazies on the right? Absolutely (although I can't imagine any milwife who loves war).

This race has become so heated. I've become so angry and disillusioned with our President and the way he has treated the military that there are days when I want to go off on facebook and twitter and here and in all caps announce what I really think of this commander in chief...but then I remember that would only fuel the hatred and division. Come Tuesday...or Wednesday...or whenever the final vote is counted (PLEASE GOD, NOT ANOTHER GORE/BUSH FIASCO!), our nation will have a President for four years. Whether that's four more or four new, I honestly have no idea. But in the meantime, I plan to duct tape my mouth shut and put mittens on my hands to keep me sane for the next four days.


Milwife Mama of One said...

You know target practice at the farm could make an excellent diversion...