July 20, 2012

Friday Fun

In all the insanity of birthday fun, t-ball games and the Army doing what the Army does best...jack with plans, I haven't been able to post any of my new sewing accomplishments in a while so here's the latest...

Initially I planned on printing out a pattern I found on pinterest...

But then Murphy's Law struck and our printer died so I just eye-balled it and drafted my own pattern using the boy's large sketch pad. I'm happy with how it turned out on top but the skirt could be better...I'll just have to work on my skirt drafting skills.

*To give the skirt a more cupcake appearance, there's a teal pettiskirt under the skirt which I purchased for almost nothing at Halo Heaven. It's an awesome site a friend told me about...only downside is shipping is $10 unless you spend $20-then it's free! Also, their stock has been kinda low for a while when it comes to pettiskirts so if you see one you like, I recommend you grab it while you can.

Hope you have a great weekend!!!