May 18, 2012

Friday Fun

I thought I'd start doing a quick weekly fun post on Fridays-not that all my posts aren't fun ;)

Most of the time I suspect it'll just be obnoxious charming Mommy Moments and picture highlights from the week.

This week's Mommy Moment came on Wednesday evening when we allowed our children to do something some may find to be irresponsible or flat out wrong...which is fine...we LOVED it. And for the record, we used my Suburban and Joshua's Jetta to block off the street and Joshua was never more than two feet away-just enough to be out of the picture frame.

Yes. We let our soon-to-be 4 year old pull his 10 month old (TODAY!) little sister in our bike trailer. That's how we roll.


JG said...

Too fun!

Lerny said...

I'm planning what to cook for my family this Sunday. Well, man can cook too.

Nicole said...

This is simply adorable and they both look like they enjoyed it!