April 26, 2012

Finding Balance...Again

I think life is circular. Lessons are learned and relearned in new ways...or maybe it's just me and I'm a stubborn fool who has to relearn the same lesson over and over...actually I know I'm a stubborn fool sometimes but I still think life is circular.

8 months ago, I was learning how to balance having a brand new one month old daughter, a newly 3 year old son and a deployed husband. Just when I felt like I was catching on, we went to Florida to visit family, get ready for Joshua's R&R and just get away from home for a little while. After Halloween, we returned to Oklahoma and got ready for the holidays and once they had come and gone, we got ready for Joshua to come home. I still don't think there's been enough time to accurately reflect on the deployment as a whole but it feels like I spent much of my time relearning how to find balance in our lives which, again, is where I find myself now.

Yesterday, we took our princess to the doctor for her 9 month check up...it was a simple check of her size and general development. I'm always curious about her height and weight because she is SO much smaller than her brother was (he was the definition of a Buddha-baby). She, on the other hand, is tiny-less than the 20th percentile for both height and weight but healthy. Considering that I wore 2T clothes in Kindergarten, we're not worried. The best part of the visit was that although Joshua has started working again, he was able to come with us. It's the first time he's met the new pediatrician (whom I LOVE!). Afterward, we signed the boy up for summer T-ball and I test drove a new car...Hyundai Santa Fe (kinda love it!). It was just a really nice day-one might even call it normal. 

I'm hopeful that we're well on our way to a balance with homeschooling, Joshua's work, our relationships with each other and our friends and family. I have been reading (although not posting) many of the blogs I love and I'm realizing that blogging is something that I need...something that helps me to know that I'm not alone. So, I'm going to make more of an effort to include writing, reading and commenting into my new routine for me. 

In the meantime, here's some pics I took a few days ago...kids are so much fun.

"It's ok Bubba, I've got your back"

We took the kids to a traveling dinosaur exhibit and they had a facepainting area so the boy got a dragon. This pic is crazy to me because he doesn't look like my little 3 yr old boy, he looks so much older!

"No baby girl, you can't eat the grass."

Playing catch with Daddy
The boy: "I got it! I got it!"
The girl: "I don't want to get hit. I don't want to get hit."