February 21, 2012


I wouldn't necessarily say it took having a daughter for me to fully embrace all things girly but it certainly hasn't hurt. 

Tonight has been full of fun girly-ness. First, one of my favorite friends had her gender ultrasound today and they found out they're having another girl! Super excited for her!

Then, since I was in a "retail therapy" sort of mood, I bought the CUTEST hair accessory for our little princess from an awesome Etsy seller.

(this is the one I bought)

(this is the seller's image of what it looks like on a baby that might just be the second cutest baby I've ever seen)

Of course, now I have to post a pic of my little princess because she is the cutest baby ever (my apologies to our son but really...I'm not wrong)...
(this was her at the pediatrician last week...it's a cell phone pic so it's not the best but don't you just want to snatch her up!!!...don't even think about trying to though because her big brother will take you out)

Since I was buying something fun for the girl, I went ahead and bought one for me too and decided to coordinate with my little girl...
(it's a bit hard to tell with the background being white too but the headband itself is much thinner than the baby one so I can curl my hair and have it down or put it up)

Can you say homecoming ceremony?


Ok. In related girly news, my favorite blogger (and one of my favorite real life friends) JG from Me and My Soldierman posted an AWESOME response to that ridiculous pic going around facebook of the Disney Princesses and all the supposedly negative things they teach with her own version which I love and had to steal...


AFwife7911 said...

I don't care how old you are, you are never too old for Disney Princesses!

JG said...

I'm totally *squeeing* at all the girly pictures. Those headbands are SOOO cute. We SO better have a girl first. I have way too many cutesy girly ideas.

I love that picture of her. SO cute! Although the boy was a doll, too. He was the one that got SoldierMan over his baby phobia, don't forget ;) And is this friend a mutual friend?