December 2, 2011


The last few days I've been feeling a little down when it comes to the whole body image thing. I've had two kids after all but really I've never had a great body image. Reason #86 why deployment sucks-Joshua's not home to tell me I'm pretty in or over the phone just isn't the same. So I thought about changing my go-to response especially because I prefer myself blond and Joshua prefers me brunette (I don't get it). I'm constantly going back and forth. I'll probably be brunette by the end of the weekend but in the meantime, I decided I wanted a pretty picture of myself that wasn't the typical "mom" picture that I always have. So I got the camera was fun (thank God for naptime). Not sure it will ever be my facebook profile pic because it's a little more scandalous than I had intended but Joshua likes it and it made me feel pretty so I'm good with it.