December 10, 2011


I don't like to blog on the weekend but this weekend I'm dealing with two sick kids alone and I've missed yet another phone call from Joshua because my phone isn't working properly...again. It's a replacement phone. The same exact model as the first...Samsung Instinct. DO NOT BUY THE SAMSUNG INSTINCT. 
Long story short, I desperately want to upgrade and although Sprint, for years, has allowed the primary user to upgrade annually instead of every other year, this year, it ended. Actually, the program doesn't officially end until the end of this month and I should have been able to upgrade my phone 3 days ago but somehow in Sprint world...not ending the program doesn't mean you can actually still get the program benefits...figure that one out. I tried calling account services, they told me I have to wait until October for the upgrade credit or I could cancel our account and go elsewhere...great customer retention program. I even asked Joshua to call because let's face it, sometimes a man's voice will get more respect and a better response than a woman's. Instead, they were straight rude to him. 
He was calling from Afghanistan and they were rude to him. It boggles my mind.
So now, we're trying to get an exact amount of what it would cost to cancel and go elsewhere since that seems to be what they want from us...surprising since we've had service in good standing with Sprint for nearly 8 years. 
Basically what I'm anyone that will that if you're just starting out and want a cell phone...AVOID SPRINT. GO ANYWHERE ELSE. The unlimited data plans, the coverage, none of it matters if the phone you're using is a piece of crap and you miss calls left and right.