August 24, 2011


Time is going faster than I ever wanted with my children but not nearly fast enough with my husband. It's a bizarre paradox. I feel like every time I turn around my son is speaking longer sentences with more complex thoughts behind them and now with our baby girl time is a runaway train. She's still very much a newborn but she's begun to smile and hold her head up and I know she'll grow up way too fast. 

My own life, my marriage seems to still be at a standstill. I don't know why I expected my life to be different (other than the obvious) after our daughter was born but I did. It hasn't, however and I'm starting to think this is just what deployment least for me.

Today, my time was spent fight the Red Tape gods...they won the battle but I have confidence that I will eventually win the war. Long story short, I'm still trying to get baby girl into DEERS and thereby onto Tricare coverage. I technically have a couple more weeks to get it sorted but not really because we're leaving soon for our "extended holiday." I will blog more about that when I get the chance...I also plan on posting a review of the much beloved Britax B-ready in doubles mode soon as it has been used many times.

Meanwhile, I managed to get some new pics of the girl done today...hoping to get the boy in his element (dirt) sometime over the next few days. I always hated when people told me that I only took a ton of pictures of my son because he was the first born and once more came, I'd stop. Not. Going. To. Happen. But I will say it does take a bit of effort to not just photograph one child over and over to the neglect of the other.