March 15, 2011


I'm not often speechless.

Most of the time I don't shut up but I don't have any words. I'm shocked.

Ok. Before I choke on my own inability to speak. I should probably let you know why I'm so flabbergasted.

I enjoy politics. I have friends and family on both sides (and everything in between) of the political spectrum. Couple that with the fact that I have family members who live and work for the state of Wisconsin and you can see why I've kept my mouth shut about the conflict. To be honest, I think both sides have made this mess worse than it needed to be and although I certainly side more heavily with one group, I do understand the passion that both sides have.

None of that really matters though when it comes to my utter disbelief. You see, an acquaintance from college just posted on facebook. Here's what he wrote:

"Who is more deserving of our sympathy right now, the Japanese or union workers from WI?"




JG said...


Now, I *have* heard other people ask the same question in an ironic tone, comparing the amount of sympathetic press coverage. But I'm assuming that's not what your friend meant. Of course, I've seen other people compare the vote in WI to 9/11, and the people who voted on it as worse than terrorists (and not random bloggers, either) so really nothing surprises me anymore.

But wow.