March 22, 2011

24 hours

The next 24 hours will be a bit crazy for me.

1st-I have a perinatology (high risk OB) appointment. These appointments are always a difficult combination of stress and excitement. I get 3D ultrasounds every time (YAY!) but they're monitoring me for a few reasons...most importantly right now there are two, baby girl hasn't been gaining as much weight as they would like especially since I have a high chance of premature labor and also, they are checking to see if the echogenic bowel (her kidneys are showing up brighter on the ultrasound than they should) will clear up because otherwise it's a soft marker for a chromosomal defect like Downs or cystic fibrosis. Like I said stress/excitement.

2nd-I get my baby boy back (FINALLY) today. He spent a LONG weekend at Grandma and Grandpa's house because I was starting to have too many contractions and not getting enough done around the house. We're not the type of parents that regularly send the kid to his Grandparent's house (not that we couldn't, they're great) but we just don't. This is only his 2nd time away for more than a night. Mom-guilt hit the day he left (he had to say goodbye to Daddy a month ago and now I'm abandoning him too) but overall, I really enjoyed the peace and solitude. I think it might have been the longest I've been alone...other than the dog...since we had the boy. It's strange how having a kid, nursing and the Army converge to never leave you alone-time.

3rd-Joshua will, at some point in the next 24 hours, call me to pick him up. Yup. He will start a VERY short leave and they will be back in the state and able for release soon...I'm really hoping he'll call before midnight since armory where I'll have to pick him up is a little over an hour away and the boy will be with me.

4th-It's my birthday tomorrow. Normally I would never shamelessly promote it because I wouldn't want to seem like I'm just desperate for birthday shout outs ...but last year, Joshua missed my birthday and next year he'll likely miss it again (both courtesy of the US Army) so it's kind of cool that his one mini-leave happens to be on my birthday.


Megan said...

I hope everything goes well at your appointment. I can't imagine the stress and worry that comes with a high risk pregnancy, but I'm sending prayers and good thoughts your way. Take good care of yourself!

Happy Birthday a little early!! So nice you'll get to celebrate with your husband. Enjoy your time together :)

As for Disney, hang around my blog! I plan on posting more about it, and covering my thoughts on taking an itty bitty. Short version, it wasn't bad, and we'd totally do it again. Long version will include the how we made it work and things we'd suggest doing.