February 21, 2011

Stroller Dilemna Solved

It seems like such a simple thing...either you need a stroller or you don't but it's really not that simple. I need one and I don't. Obviously with our little girl on her way, I'll need something to carry her but we have a single stroller that has been AWESOME. It's a Jeep Jogger with the swivel wheel and toy steering wheel for the boy. It's been great. It's survived two years of trips to the zoo, museum, mall and two family vacations to Disney World. It has more than paid for itself in usefulness. I love it and highly recommend it to anyone looking for a nice single stroller that is fun, smooth and not too expensive. That said, we bought it used and it's seen better days so we're ready to retire it to the local women's shelter and find something new. 

The question is do we go with a double or another single stroller...

My husband will be deployed for a LONG time during which I will need to have the ability to strap both my children down and contain them while in public. Although the boy is fully capable of walking along and not riding in a stroller, I'm not naive enough to think he actually will walk along every time. Sometimes it's just easier to have a double stroller. The big thing is that our son likes his stroller. He sleeps in it and when we're on vacation,  I'd much rather have the option of letting him sleep in his stroller rather than have to return to the hotel to nap. The boy will be 3 yrs old this summer and my due date for the girl is almost exactly one month later which means that although I want a double stroller, I won't need one for very long. So...do I pay the $$$$ and get a nice double stroller that I won't use very long, buy a cheap one that most likely breaks within the month or try to go with a single stroller...wearing the newborn in my moby wrap anytime the boy needs a break.

Now, I don't have to make the single vs double decision. I'm getting both. No, I'm not spending an insane amount of money buying two strollers. I've decided to buy a Britax B-ready stroller. It's sold as a single stroller, however you can buy attachment bars which enable you to attach either an infant car seat underneath or a second, smaller toddler seat. My theory is that we'll get  it and by the time our little girl is ready to outgrow the carseat, her big brother will be out of the top seat on the stroller and we can just remove the attachment bar/second seat.

(with the 2nd seat)
(the car seat instead of the 2nd toddler seat)


Milwife Mama of One said...

Sweet! We have friends nearby that were trying to decide on what to do about single vs. double stroller and ended up going with this one, they love it! http://www.babyjogger.com/city_select_lp.aspx

JG said...

That's very cool!