February 11, 2011

It's My Deployment and I'll Cry If I Want To...

...or eat junk food at an unbelievable rate
....or throw myself a mini-pity party when my husband's not watching
...or buy myself a totally indulgent overly priced "deployment gift"
...or return to blogging

...most-likely it'll be some sort of combination of all of the above.

I suppose an explanation of my absence would only be appropriate. Joshua...the hubs...returned from training and we spent a couple weeks pretty much ignoring the world and hanging out with the boy. Then, we went on vacation to our favorite spot, Walt Disney World and finally we visited some of our favorite friends in Georgia. Shortly thereafter, we found out that I am pregnant. Normally all these things would be great subjects to blog about and I probably should have blogged about everything but the pregnancy. The truth is all I wanted to blog about was the pregnancy but I couldn't...well, I could have technically but I couldn't go through posting "I'M PREGNANT" to the world just to have to post that I'm not a few weeks later which has been my history. This is my 5th pregnancy...but it will, hopefully be our 2nd child. Even after reaching the 2nd trimester, I was hesitant to announce the pregnancy publicly because recently two very dear friends lost their own babies well into the 2nd trimester. It really messed with my mind which is why I was so relieved that Joshua wasn't scheduled to deploy until well into my 3rd trimester.

Well...at least that was the plan until the Army decided to change Joshua's team assignment which has bumped up his deployment about 2 months earlier than initially expected.

Oh yay.

The only consolation I have is that because my pregnancy is "high risk" I'm scheduled to get my first 3D/4D ultrasound before Joshua leaves and we'll get to see the gender for the first time together.

For the record, I'm hoping for a boy because we're set for another boy. He'd sleep in our room until he'd be big enough to take the second bed in "the boy's" room. By the way, if it's another boy, I've decided that for blogging purposes instead of "the boy" and "the boy part deux," it'll be "the heir" and "the spare." It's just so much easier. The boy was born in June, we saved all his clothes and #2 is due in July so the only clothes I would need to buy would be fun little additions to the wardrobe. If it's a girl, we're in trouble...not just because I would MUCH rather deal with a broken bone than a broken heart but because I have grand plans for the 3rd bedroom...think Parisian. I picture white wainscoting, a giant mural of the Eiffel Tower, little white French Poodle accents and a chandelier. Joshua wisely didn't say anything when I told him of my grand plans. He just kind of got a glazed over "oh my" look in his eyes. My guess is that he was estimating all the labor and money he may be about to drop...especially since we will literally have a matter of days to do everything after finding out the gender.

So, there it is. I'm back to blogging and about to need it more than ever before.


Laina said...

Well, welcome back :) Congratulations on your pregnancy. That is wonderful news! I'm sorry to hear about your losses in the past. I'm sure that is something that stays with you. I'm also sorry that your husband has to leave at such an important time, but sadly there is nothing we can do about that. Now is the time to focus on your baby and staying healthy and stress free. Blogging is a great outlet, and as a follower I look forward to hearing how your journey unfolds :) I'm rooting for you!

Milwife Mama of One said...

:HUGS: Congrats! and Ack! and Yay for Parisian! and :HUGS!:

JG said...

I'm so glad you're back! I've missed your posts. Really. I'm glad he gets to be there for the gender ultrasound, anyway. And of course, I'm only just a text away. Any time. Day or night. (Although the phone is usually silenced at night, so I might not see it till the morning, but I'll see it, I promise.)

JG said...

Wait, wait, wait.....deployment gift??????

Brianna Renee said...

Thanks ladies.

@JG...oh yeah. If I'm going to be home with two kids for a year I'm getting a little something-something. I'm thinking either an obscenely priced double stroller or a new zoom lens. Possibly both.