May 23, 2010


I was never a HUGE fan of the show and I must admit when Charlie was killed off, I started to drift in and out of watching the show but tonight I was sure to watch all FOUR AND A HALF HOURS that they be fair, the first two were just commentary and catch up which I appreciated but the way the show was wrapped up disappointed me. Again, NO SPOILERS HERE. I just feel like it was the easy way out and still have a couple of questions which will never be answered (and as type A as I am, that's a problem). If you're a fan, I hope you enjoyed it more than I and if you're not, well, the show's over so maybe something new will come out that you do enjoy with some of these fantastic actors.


JG said...

I'm still mulling it over. I will say, though, that I had a better feeling when the final LOST came on than I did when I finished Deathly Hallows.