April 5, 2010

The Boy's Day

My day was LONG and not the best (too long of a story for here tonight) but as always, my son reminded me why "they" say parenthood is the best gift in the world. We went outside to play for a bit before bath time and bedtime...here's how it went...

My son, eating a stick-so proud...fiber, right?

This is when the boy realized one of the dogs was peeing on his beach ball...he was so offended!

Tragically, the petal fell off his flower so...

...immediately he went to work, trying to fix it...like father, like son I guess.

Sadly, he was unsuccessful.

But as always, he didn't let any of it get to him. I wish I could be more like him.


JG said...

I love these pictures. :) He's so happy! How is he adjusting?

Brianna Renee said...

He's doing better...the first week he had nightmares every night. It was really rough on both of us but he seems to be in the swing of things now. The only thing that's difficult now is that he's a boy and he likes to wrestle and do boy things which is fine but before Joshua left, there was a clear "Daddy's always a target and Mommies always off limits" and now there's not the distinction. In fact, at the zoo last week, he chest butted some random woman...it wasn't the proudest moment of my life. We're increasing the number of play dates with older boys now so hopefully he can get his boy fill there.