April 20, 2010

Alien Boys

When you get married, everyone tells you to expect to learn "new" and sometimes "odd" things about your spouse-especially when you don't live together first as was the case for my husband and I. For the most part, I got exactly what I expected...he didn't leave the tube off the tooth paste or forget to put the toilet seat down. He is in most respects, very easy to cohabitate with but there was one thing I discovered that has boggled my mind for years...it's just weird. Joshua, my hubby, HATES having water in his ears. Ok, I'm sure you're thinking, that's not so weird, right? Well, I agree, it's what he does to solve the problem of water in his ears that I think is just bizarre. He likes to take a couple Q-tips and stick them in his ears...still, not so strange...but then he walks around the house with them sticking out of his head like little alien antennae for as much as 20 minutes...yeah, and HE makes fun of ME for being a Trekkie...he looks like he could be on Star Trek. Again, in and of itself, no big deal, right? Wrong. Because tonight, after the boy had his bath, I caught him take a couple Q-tips, stick them in his ears and walk away. This was not the first time he has mimicked his father's bizarre habit but I had hoped that this particular habit would disappear while Joshua was away. Now, I'm afraid one day I'll have to warn some lucky girl that the amazing guy she loves will from time to time, look like an alien.


JG said...

That is hilarious!! Crazy what they choose to imitate.