March 21, 2010


Well, it's Sunday and despite my best efforts, I'm desperately hoping my husband will be able to call. It's only day 7 of BCT so it's fairly unlikely that his unit will have earned phone privileges yet but from everything I've heard, Sunday would be the day...I'm pathetic really-I have my phone essentially glued to my hand and both extra batteries are fully charged. On our last 2 minute call, Joshua told me that he should have the mailing address Monday (tomorrow) but without a phone call, I won't know what the address is until he sends me something.

There's so many logistical things I'm curious about...our new health coverage...DEERS I need to get my ID card and then there's the home front logistics like what I need to tell the mechanic (aka his buddy) about the Suburban's hatch window but mostly I just want to know how he's he adapting the food any good and let him know how we are. And the fun stuff, how the boy has started climbing in and out of his own highchair even at it's highest point and gets annoyed if I try to help (not my child, not at all, lol) and how he's finally loving the snow, although he doesn't pronounce the "s" so there have been a couple misunderstandings.

So this is me hoping he can call, when I probably shouldn't.


JG said...

For a lot of that new enrollment stuff, you should call his recruiter. Ours pretty much walked me through it all. And yeah, I didn't get an address until I got something in the mail. Which stinks. But at the latest you'll have something by the end of the week, and that's WAY earlier than I did!

Did you get any pics of Kiddo in the snow?

Brianna Renee said... was still come down too hard and I haven't figured out how to protect my camera in that yet but I'm hoping to hope out to the park and get some pics after lunch today

Sarah said...

The DEERS stuff is pretty simple, really. Joe took care of it all, and then they sent me a form to take to a local ID office (which you'll probably have to call his recruiter to find). Hand them the form when you go in, they do some typing, snap your pic, and it's done! I went to the hospital about 2 days after I got my ID card and they covered 90% of the bill. You (and your kiddo) have coverage as soon as they put your hubby in the computer. As far as the phone calls go, I'm pretty certain that depends solely on the Drill SGTs and their moods. =) My hubby went to Benning, and phone calls were EXTREMELY rare. They were also never on the same day. I did write a letter every day though. =) That helped. Send as many letters and pictures as you can.

Oh, and thanks for stopping by and following my blog! =) Welcome to the milspouse family!