June 18, 2010

Have you ever had one of those moments when everything in your heart, everything that you've been thinking and praying about was suddenly and without warning posted on someone else's blog? If not, I can tell you that it's an eye opening experience and it happened to me this morning.

For those of you who don't know, I have a heart condition which in and of itself isn't too serious. It does make pregnancy a bit more tricky and combined with the fact that I have had three miscarriages (all very early thankfully), having the boatload of kids that we want, will probably require adoption. We've talked about the route we should take, international vs domestic agencies vs adoption through foster care and we had a tentative plan in mind...I'm a planner, big time but I recognize life happens and planning for children is near impossible even in the adoption world. The more we looked into our options the more overwhelming it started to seem. I think I forgot what adoption is about and then today while goofing off online, I came across a blog post that my friend JG shared on her facebook page. It wasn't her own post and I'd never read anything by the blogger before but it was one of those wow moments. It's about the true meaning of adoption and I wanted to share it with you all. So, please go to Grace for the Orphan and check it out.


Renee said...

Wow! You know, I got pregnant in my late teens and wondered "why? (aside from the fact I was having sex...go figure)..both of my children were born before I was 20. At the age of 25 I had a complete hysterectomy. I grieved for years over not being about to have any more children. I look back on those years of grief and realize how very selfish I was, when there were couples not able to have even one (much less 2).

I sincerely pray that you will find the children that God has waiting for you..whether within your own womb or from someone else's.

JG said...

That's not a blog I follow, but it was linked to from ANOTHER blog I follow...wow, the connections! But yeah, it really hit home. More than anything, I think, just because it reminds me of who *I* really am. The way that marriage was designed to be a picture to the world of our relationship with God, I believe adoption is the most accurate earthly example of salvation, which is why God is very passionate about adoption - He invented it!